I’d been considering starting a blog on GlutenFree living, specifically the emotional turmoil it  causes, as well as have a place that I can direct my own friends and other people  to a central place where they can support their Celiac or Gluten Intolerant Friends. However, I could not come up with a name to convey what my goals were.

One afternoon, a new neighbor came over with a “Friendship Bread” starter and it was an incredibly awkward moment. Do I tell her, “Thank you so much, but my family can’t eat Gluten,” or do I take it and toss it? And the name for the blog was born because at that moment I realized how much of our lives revolve around bread and baked goods!

Welcome to My GlutenFree Friend. I’m Jennifer and we’re a gluten free family. Our story starts when my son was born and was constantly projectile vomiting, horrible colic and some other issues. My holistic doctor suggested I stop eating gluten to see if that would help, and sure enough my son stopped puking all the time. Unfortunately, when I tried to go back on gluten, I became extremely ill.  I had actually been told to remove wheat from my diet 10 years ago, but after 6 months gave up.  At that time, it was almost impossible!

Eventually, as gluten became less and less a part of our lives, with only my daughter and husband still having some sandwiches,  my daughter also showed a sensitivity to it. Looking back, she’d always had problems and once we took her off, her system began to flare up and react when she did. She started getting 104 fevers and throwing up for no reason.   Once we pulled gluten out of her diet completely, those resolved unless she gets accidental exposure.

Thanks for visiting. I hope this becomes a helpful resource in several ways.  I plan to review local restaurants, so those of you who live in Northern CO will get some great places to eat, product reviews, and dealing with the social problems Celiac and Gluten Intolerance creates.

If you have a product or restaurant you’d like to have me review, please Contact me. Although I will not accept payment for reviews, samples of the product to review are helpful. I also perform reviews of products that I purchase myself.


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