Inside-Out Class winner, Special Deal, and other Quick News

I apologize that it took a bit longer than I’d expected to get the winner up. I know several of you are really excited about this class. So, without further ado, the winner is……
Whit- who stated” “I would LOVE to with this experience!! It’s GOLDEN!”

This is definitely a golden experience and Shannon has graciously offered a $10 off coupon to other readers who want to enroll. I hope you take advantage of this offer because it’s such a fantastic course. I’m thrilled to be taking it again. So, click here to enroll with the special price. The class starts MONDAY the 12th and this offer ends SEPT 11.

Other news- and lots of it at the moment: Heidi over at Adventures of A GlutenFree Mom has found a dye-free, gluten-free fruit loop type cereal. Whether you want to feed your kids these cereals for breakfast of just make them for a snack, that’s up to you so please don’t leave a comment on sugar cereals because the point is these are very popular for preschool and younger grades for crafts and little necklaces. Heidi is offering a giveaway and has info about this including a wonderful nutritional analysis and reason these are important the “getting to be a normal kid” factor! Heidi has also recently posted about testing for celiac and gluten sensitivity. You can see the array of articles here.

Adventures of a Glutenfree Mom also reposted a very crucial article this morning from GlutenFreeWatch Dog regarding Sami’s Bakery in Tampa, FL. Tricia Thompson, R.D. has founded GlutenFree Watchdog to test labeled gluten-free products. Here is the info from Adventure’s of A glutenfree Mom’s Facebook page: (two posts put together)

Does anyone buy “gluten-free” products from Sami’s Bakery in Tampa, FL? If so, I would recommend that you stop eating it. Tricia Thompson, R.D. has posted the results of recent testing for 3 of these products over at Gluten Free Watch Dog ( You will need to subscribe in order to read the report, but it’s only $4.99/mo….(in response to a comment on the price) I understand how you feel BUT, testing for gluten is not cheap and Tricia can’t be expected to foot the bill herself. I look at it like this: $4.99/month is a really cheap health insurance rider, especially since there is no formal definition for the term “gluten-free.” If I were to personally test 4 products a month, it would cost me a minimum of $50.00 (so $4.99 doesn’t seem so bad to me). :0)

Finally, I was at my local Costco this morning in Albuquerque, NM and they didn’t have the Rudi’s GlutenFree bread. So, when they asked, “Did you find everything today?” I told them the truth. They looked it up while they finished checking me out and said that it’s on “Pending Delete Status.” Now I’m not sure if that’s company wide, or just the 3 Albuquerque area Costcos, but they told me to email Costco. So, if you’re in the NM area, PLEASE make sure to email. If you aren’t, please consider emailing so they know the demand. They are charging the same price for 2 as our Local Sunflower market does for 1 loaf. Please email them here (I’ve tried to add the link to the contact us form for you; I hope it helps.)

Thanks again for reading, and thank you to so many people for participating in this wonderful giveaway. I hope a few of you will be able to take advantage of the special $10 Shannon has extended to all my readers! (I seem to be having some technical difficulties. This post keeps reverting back to other versions; I’m not sure why, but if something is missing or seems to be missing, like half a sentence, I’m really sorry. I’ve tried to get this thing revised 5 or 6 times and it keeps reverting, but only parts of it. Weird day everywhere it seems!)


2 thoughts on “Inside-Out Class winner, Special Deal, and other Quick News

    • You’re welcome. Adventures of a Glutenfree Mom actually gave all the info, I thought it was just important to share b/c of her findings. I’ll be subscribing! Too many things have made me sick to not pay attn to those! Thanks mandy!

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