Public Apology to Turtle Mountian/ So Delicious

Last night, I issued a tweet with a photo saying always check labels. I still hold this true because so many things are mislabeled. In this case however, I discovered after Turtle Mountain sent me a direct message saying they are looking into the issue, that in this case, it was my mistake and they are doing a good job with their labeling. They asked if I still had the packaging and after rummaging thru the recycle bin, I discovered the lids were mixed up.

One says SOY FREE , the other says DAIRY and GLUTEN FREE

At my son’s birthday on Monday, I had 2 flavors of the SO Delicious coconut milk ice-cream out. We had the divine Cookie Dough and the luscious Vanilla bean. We used up one Vanilla Bean and the lids got mixed up. Someone (probably me) put a Vanilla Bean lid on the cookie dough ice-cream. When I grabbed it last night, I didn’t see the discrepancy. However, as I usually do when I eat, I read and last night was reading the back of the ice-cream container. Hey, it was the closest thing around. I saw soy listed and then the lid with the Soy Free. Forgetting we had another flavor earlier, I jumped to the tweet. I had earlier that day seen another product from another company mis-labeled. So, it’s common and frustrating. In this case, So Delicious and Turtle Mountain did everything right, including check back quickly.

So Delicious and Turtle Mountain, I deeply apologize for my tweet and hope I didn’t cause any damage. I greatly appreciate your swift response to the issue, as do my followers. And am more than happy to continue to buy your lovely ice-cream and milk products. As it was, I had figured it might simply be an oversight.

I tweeted my mistake back to @So_delicous and they graciously replied: Thank you for letting us know. We take allergen i.d. very seriously…”

Turtle Mountain and So_Delicous, Thank you for assuring customers are safe and for going through the Certified GlutenFree process as well as taking care with allergen I.d. Thank you also for your swift response and again, I deeply apologize for my mistake.

Best Regards and with gratitude,

Jennifer Peters


2 thoughts on “Public Apology to Turtle Mountian/ So Delicious

  1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your diligence in tweeting a retraction once you realized you had made a mistake. We deeply appreciate the strength of character it takes to own up to an error, particularly one made so publicly. We care deeply about our friends with food allergies and have learned that the success of our products is as much about what they do not contain as it is about what they do contain. To that end, we employ the most stringent testing, production, and packaging methods to ensure that all allergens are excluded from our products unless they are known constituents of an ingredient and the allergen is declared on the package. We are very proud of our state-of-the-art allergen prevention program, and we apply strict quality-control measures in an effort to prevent contamination by undeclared food allergens. To learn more about our allergen prevention program and view our complete product allergen list, please visit:

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