Product Review: Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Revisited

Back in December, I did a review on the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food cake mix. You can read it here if you wish. Since then, I’ve used their brownie mix and the cake mix only one or two other times. The reason I’m revisiting this review is because I notice that it’s one of the most visited links on my blog, and in the end, I’m not as happy with the product as my initial review. However, I don’t know the etiquette of completely pulling a post, so I’m revisiting it.

Since doing the initial review, I’ve discovered Pamela’s gluten-free chocolate cake mix. I need to do a review on the cakes mixes for their own merit, but I prefer Pamela’s. One of my main issues with the Betty Crocker was that it uses soy flour. In fact, that’s a serious draw back to me. Another issue was the butter- the amount and the fact that it doesn’t allow for a dairy free version. Although a few people who commented suggested oil, I think Betty Crocker should include that. These mixes are expensive, we don’t have the money to ruin a mix. Plus, someone new to gluten-free baking might not be able to make a clean conversion. Does the butter add properties like protein that we’d need to add something else if we used oil? I think sometimes with the different properties of gluten-free flours, we can ruin a recipe super quick if we make a change. In the end, after baking with it a second and third time, I noticed it tasted more like butter than chocolate cake and was way too greasy. (And I like butter. I love Paula Dean!)

The Pamela’s tend to remain moist for a few days, but the Betty Crocker devils food definitely needed to be used quickly and overbake so easily you can mess them up within 1 min of overcooking and they get a tough, rubbery texture.

Finally, the brownie mix turned out horrendous. They actually somehow baked up hollow. I tried to make two-bite brownies for my children and they simply baked up hollow and swelled all over the pan. It was a nightmare, not to mention a mess in the kitchen. They also tasted funny.

Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Revised Score Card
Taste: 10/15
Texture: 8/15, (Not crumbly and moist, which is a treat. Tastes like cake! No one else knew GF, however very greasy)
Base ingredients: 7/10 (contains soy flour. Not a soy fan, especially if not marked non-GMO. Also starch based, which makes for light and fluffy, but high glycemic. Otherwise, ingredients are fairly basic and not too many additives.)
Added ingredients: 5/10 (no alternative for the butter if allergic to dairy)
Availability: 6/10 (can get almost anywhere Betty Crocker products are sold. However, stores tend to put them super high, they only have 3 offerings, and they are about twice the price for half the product.)
Instructions clarity: 4/5 (they are a bit odd. Easy, but not what I am used to.)
Ease: 5/5
Glutenfree Assurance: 6/10 (As of original writing, was made in dedicated facility, a sponsor of Celiac Disease association, Celiac Sprue Association Benefactor. The GF label is clear. It’s Not certified GF, but dedicated facility and no questionable ingredients like modified food starch. However, the box is extremely similar in color to one of their more gourmet cake products and the stores tend to put the two together. You could easily pick up a full gluten product if your kids are distracting you at the store. Because of the packaging, I knocked serious points off.)
Versatility: 4/10 (no alternatives for allergies. Both butter and eggs could make it unusable for some.)
Shelf life of finished product: 4/10 (gets tough and dry quick. Make it day of for best results.)

Total Score: 59
The Bottom Line: I don’t bother with it anymore. Better products exist. I’ll take Pamela’s any day. I’m at the point in gluten-free living where I won’t settle just because it’s gluten-free. If it’s not as good or better than a gluten version, I’ll go without.

Score for Brownies 0
These turned out badly, they tasted funny. They were super greasy. There is no score to bother with. I don’t suggest them, I won’t recommend them, and won’t buy them again.

Pamela’s is definitely a better choice. I’ve heard King Arthur is amazing, I need to try that one. I have not tried them because of the price point.

Thanks for reading!


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