Fears of moving with Celiac and Gluten Intolerance

First, I want to apologize to my wonderful readers, twitter followers, and companies I need to do product reviews for my lack of posts. We have been scrambling to get a home ready to sell, and prepare to move out-of-state for the last few months. It’s been an insane whirlwind, that will continue for a few more months.

My husband is being transferred to New Mexico from Colorado. We live in an incredibly gluten-free friendly area, or at least have access to a lot of products. Companies such as Rudi’s Gluten Free, Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, and several incredible bakeries are within an hour away from me. Twitter favorite follows such as Kelly Brozyna (SPUNKYCOCONUT), Elana Amsterdam (elanaspantry) and GlutenfreeDee are just a few locals who are within 60 miles of me. No, I haven’t had the chance to meet them, but just being in the area of some of these leaders in the Glutenfree Community lends a sort of comfort that there is a community that is close.

So, as we’ve been looking for a home to rent in the Alburqurque area, I’ve been going a bit insane. We went out to dinner and I got glutened from a local restaurant that claimed they could do gluten-free on the phone, but when we got there, the waitress didn’t even know what it was. It took 20 minutes of her just running back and forth asking the chef, and I still ended up sick. Lesson learned- leave.

When my husband met me 13 years ago, I told him, “I don’t cook.” And for the first eight or nine years of our relationship, I pretty much didn’t. Once we went gluten-free, however, not only did I begin cooking, but even grinding my own almond flour because I love it, but don’t have $35 to spend on a 5lb bag every 3-4 weeks. So, I found it ironic that when we were looking for places, one of my huge requirements is a kitchen that has ample baking/cooking room and plenty of space to put appliances that I’ve had to do without because of the size of our current kitchen.

I think we found a fantastic place and I’m so thankful. I’m seriously considering finding out what it would take to do in-home bakery in NM because the restaurants and coffee shops here just don’t offer gluten-free baked goods and I might enjoy that. I’m going to miss the several coffee houses that get gluten-free fresh breads on a regular basis. I’m starting to make some pretty amazing scones using Elana Amsterdam’s base recipe.

In the end, I have plenty of fears of finding gluten-free food, friends who will be supportive and understand and reality is setting in that my cooking will be going up even more. My biggest fear is how to deal with the local schools for my daughter to keep her safe. Her school has been incredibly accommodating and we’ll be starting over. I am hoping and considering looking into becoming some sort of gluten-free ambassador or consultant to help restaurants, etc know that there is a need and get the word out. However, that will be many months down the road.

One of my silly fears I’ve struggled with the whole manners thing and what do you do if someone brings over bread or something? In this case, it comes back to the name of this blog: “Friendship Without Bread”. I have a good friend who loves to take cookies to new neighbors. What do we do? Now, DH eats gluten, but how do we um, not break into cookies, or bread, etc (if even brought) in front of them? I’m sure we wouldn’t get cookies (like I said if at all) all the time, so it’s probably not an issue, but these are some of the crazy scenarios going through my head as I think about moving and meeting people. I admit, I’ve prayed and wished for celiac neighbors so that we’ll actually have someone to eat with! Our current neighborhood isn’t very close. We all keep to ourselves. My husband and I are hoping we will find a neighborhood that’s a bit more interested in being friends with each other. So, I’ve hoped for someone like us.

This journey is interesting. We know we are coming down for more than a job transfer, but other than the transfer, the vehicle which is getting us down here, we don’t know what else lies ahead. I am hoping once all settles, I’ll have the chance to explore more interests, which is exciting.

I do laugh because in the end, this sort of primal fear of “can we find food?” that has driven humanity for thousands of years is what my biggest anxiety for this move is. “Can we find food?”, and how do we navigate making new friends? Of course, finding doctors that understand gluten intolerance and celiac, auto-immune stuff, etc are huge fears as well. School system being understanding, etc….wow, I can’t think too much!

I figured a quick blog about it would be a good idea as we enter into this new adventure. I’ll be blogging about it because my blog’s goal originally was to deal with emotional impact, social situations of living gluten- free. We are entering a whole new level.

Thanks for continuing to read. I hope you’ll continue to join me on my adventure! I’ve got some reviews of great products to get up, and a few recipes too. I just want to say too, how much I appreciate the gluten-free community both that blogs and shares and the gluten-free community on twitter. I’m not going to feel as alone and thanks to the web, gluten free food can be gotten, made, etc. Thank you. You all work so hard!


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