Review: Betty Crocker Glutenfree Devil’s Food Cake Mix

Out of desperation because my original baking plans for my daughter’s Christmas celebrations at her preschool got messed up due to shipping issues, I grabbed one of the new Betty Crocker cake mixes to make a quick batch of cupcakes. 

The mix required 1 c. water  1 stick butter, and three eggs.  That’s it.  I find the water a bit surprising and I’m used to recipes taking oil over butter, but didn’t mind.

The mix itself was a bit stiffer than I’m used to with cake, due to softened butter rather than oil, but it was very quick and simple.  I had cupcakes in the oven within a few minutes.

I do wish they had other ways to tell if they are done besides cake tester.  Sometimes other cues such as bouncing to the touch or pulling away from the sides are a bit more helpful.  although I stayed within the time range, I did end up possibly over-baking them a bit, which may have made them a bit tough a day later.  They did not store well, they were best the first evening and next day.  After that they did get tough and eventually dry. I’m not sure if it’s the nature of the product or over-baking. It’s difficult to tell with devils food if they are done by the look. They are already brown.  I will update when I try them again.

Overall, I’ll use the mix again.  I’m impressed enough to try the other mixes they have, and in a pinch they are great.  The other thing is that Betty Crocker now labels their frosting Gluten-free.  Although I prefer homemade icing, it is fantastic to have an alternative, especially for my 5 year old who has to bring her own cupcakes to school for celebrations.  I think I know what it must’ve felt like for housewives when Betty Crocker cake mixes first came out. We all grew up with cake mixes on the shelves.  However, with the frosting and the mix now both Gluten-free, it’s like discovering all over again.

Nothing beats homemade cake and frosting.  However, sometimes, nothing beats easy and Betty Crocker took the Gluten-free mixes to the next level.  Another plus not having to drive to another city to to the health food stores.  The downside- try $4.79  for the the Gluten-free version versus about $1.79.  Super Target and Walmart carry them for about $3.79.

Scorecard for Betty Crocker Glutenfree Devils Food Cake mix

Taste: 15/15
Texture: 15/15, (Not crumbly and moist, which is a treat. Tastes like cake! No one else knew GF)
Base ingredients: 7/10 (contains soy flour.  Not a soy fan, especially if not marked non-GMO.  Also starch based, which makes for light and fluffy, but high glycemic)  otherwise, ingredients are fairly basic and not too many additives.
Added ingredients: 7/10  (no alternative for the butter if allergic to dairy)
Availability: 10/10  (can get almost anywhere Betty Crocker products are sold!  Nice treat)
Instructions clarity: 4/5 (they are a bit odd.  Easy, but not what I am used to.)
                         Ease: 5/5
Glutenfree Assurance: 10/10 (love it.  Made in dedicated facility, sponsor of Celiac Disease association, Celiac Sprue Association Benefactor, GF label clear.  Not certified GF, but dedicated facility and no questionable ingredients like modified food starch)
Versatility:  6/10 (no alternatives for allergies. Both butter and eggs could make it unusable for some.)
Shelf life of finished product: 7/10 (gets tough and dry quick, like most GF baked goods.  Make it day of or night before for best results.)

Total Score: 86
Overall, it’s an impressive mix, but the soy flour (and not a non-GMO) and lack of alternatives lowered the score from it’s potential.  Soy is also high allergen, so it loses points there. The taste and texture are fantastic. 

Best place to get it is Target or Walmart. Our King Soopers had it for $4.79, which is outrageous, considering they put the regular cake mixes on sale 10/$10 sometimes. I think I ended up paying $3.29 or so at Target.

By the way, I’m trying out my WordPress Droid app for this post, so if looks different, that’s why. I’m not sure what to expect. Happy New year, and thanks for reading!

NOTE on Product Reviews: All reviews so far have been completely at my expense. None of the products have been sent at samples for review and I have not been paid to review a product. I’ve developed a scoring system so that I can provide the most objective and consistant reviews. In the coming year, I am looking for companies who would be interested in me reviewing their products. Please contact me if you have a product you’d like to have reviewed.


4 thoughts on “Review: Betty Crocker Glutenfree Devil’s Food Cake Mix

  1. This is exactly something I wanted to read! Thank you for doing this review, I saw these in the store and was intrigued. Next time I’m in the store and craving some cake, I’ll buy and give it a try!

  2. I have Celiac Disease and baked goods has been the hardest challenge. It is nice to have a boxed option since scratch can be fairly tedious. It is nice to have such a thorough reviews. Gluten free isn’t cheap and it’s nice to have a head’s up. Thanks!!!

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