Halloween Safe Candy list

Many wonderful bloggers have complied lists of GF candy. The following resource even took the time to lust companies that still process in a wheat facility. Glutenfreeville on my links has a few great resources.

still, check ingredients. Remember, we aren’t just looking for wheat, but also barley, and malt. Also, for those new to this, modified-food starch or cornstarch are dangerous unless the package says “Gluten Free”. Most of the companies don’t claim GF. In fact, reeses can be tough because the shaped ones sometimes contain wheat. Mini Reeses, Jr. Mint and anything Russell Stover make me sick. Personally, I try to appreciate the companies that actually bother to label their product GF and produce it in a separate facility. Nevertheless, I’m addicted to York Parties and Mounds bars and thankfully, thy don’t seem to make me ill.


Enjoy! And thanks to the Alison @surefoodsliving.com for her hard work for us all.


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