A Witch Hunt

For the last two or three weeks, I’ve rediscovered that my skin products are guilty of containing gluten or possibly gluten. I’m not exactly sure why I never thought about Oat being something to stay away from, but one day as I was washing my son and his skin was looking bad again, I thought maybe we had cross contamination.  I also had felt like I’ve had gluten, even though I’m so careful.  I looked at the baby wash in my  hand, and sure enough, there is Oat in it.  So, I went and bought a “Gluten Free body care.”  His skin is still recovering and I have to wonder if we have another source I haven’t figured out. 

In the mean time, I’ve started looking into my own skin care products.  Of course I use a GF shampoo and I was careful to use a lotion not containing wheat.  However, these past three weeks, I’ve learned more big words that I cannot pronounce than I ever did when I studied for my GREs.   There is so little information, but some of the information points to possible wheat sources.  In fact, it turns out something as simple as Vitamin E source because it often comes from wheat germ!  Stuff we need and use– in fact,  most the good stuff–  has Vitamin E in it and rarely discloses the source.  I didn’t know there was a source! 

Just as I was finally getting a handle on this from a food standpoint, and yes, I’ve had a few setbacks this month as my daughter has entered a preschool where meals are served (that’ll get it’s own post!)  I now have to educate myself on the cosmetics.  No longer is wheat, barely, rye and other things like Modified Starch worrisome, but now I when in the cosmetic or shampoo aisle, I have to keep an eye out for words like:

Malt Diastase (i guess this is in vitamins)
Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides

 Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol
 Phytosphingosine (barley)

 Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline (one site I found said Palmitoyl and Proline are from the wheat protein. I’m trying to figure that one out and can’t)
Lauroyl Proline
Oglipeptide Palmitoyl 
(still trying to figure these out)

And of course because “Oat” is calming it’s in plenty of skin care, so I now need to add that into my list of things to remember to keep out.  (Oat is one of those, doesn’t contain gluten on it’s own but a lot of people need to stay away from it because it can be highly cross contaminated. )  Now I know why my son reacted to things that didnt’ make sense.  They had oat in them!    I think I may have found my and his culprit.  Still, in trying to look at all these long, complicated words, I’ve been more prone to headaches over the last few weeks. 

I think I’ll take a skin care class and learn to make my own.  


1 thought on “A Witch Hunt

  1. Cosmetics is something I’ve considered – mainly for my face. My face seems to be really sensitive and break out, but I can never figure out what it is that sets it off.

    Do you find you get the headaches/stomach aches/etc with using the cosmetics or just skin irritation?

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