What do I do with a “regular recipe”?

Last weekend, we went down to Denver where the Denver Celiac Association  held a Gluten Free expo.  I’m so tired of trying cookies, breads etc at $6-$10 min only to have the brands taste like dog food smells or  feel like bread that’s been left out for a week, I’ve vowed to stick with brands I trust. 

This was a fantastic way to try stuff without paying the extremely high sticker price.  Some things were fantastic and I grabbed as many coupons as I could.  Others were, well, I’m happy I got to try them for free.    There were a few items I’m chomping at the bit to try to figure out how to make myself because while they were amazing, I won’t pay that much!

I did find a Gluten Free flour blend that was amazing.  Jules Gluten Free Flour . She had a chocolate beer cake to sample and it was incredible.   I purchased an entire 5 lb on the spot.  The various samples were certainly enough for me! 

The next day, I made a wonderful casserole and  I was thrilled to not have to convert the recipe I’d been given and just be able to make it.  Jules Flour is a 1:1 ratio with no other changes needed.  The casserole was amazing!   Green Chiles, cheese, eggs, and 1/2 cup of this flour!   Presto, magical supper. 

However, even with this wonderful flour blend I have, I realized even with finding relief in how easy it was, that I’m so used to making coconut flour cakes, or almond flour this or that, including grinding my almond flour, that it is awkward for me to think about what I miss or wish I could make.  I’ve been Gluten Free for 2 years this Oct, and only last fall did I become brave enough to start baking and accept it. 

I know I’ll now be able to dig out my old cookbooks again and enjoy some lost treasures, but ironically, it feels almost as awkward to have a simple flour blend on hand as it did last year when I finally decided to start baking again and had to make crazy conversions.  These conversions are now part of my process and not making them felt odd.  I kept thinking I was forgetting something. 

Regardless,  I am thankful to have found it because my daughter goes to a preschool with a no nuts policy.   Two days before,   I was tearing my hair out wondering what I’d do now since she has to bring a breakfast and a lunch.  Now I can use normal recipes!


3 thoughts on “What do I do with a “regular recipe”?

  1. Sounds like that flour is a hit — wish they had it here!

    I think you’re right, though – I think we get so used to having to have it be complicated because of the gluten free (or gluten free+vegan for me= PAIN) and not having any choice for anything, we don’t know how to be normal anymore!

    Yesterday I was really wishing I could just order pizza since my cupboards are bare. Then had momentarily decided I didn’t care and was going to order out even though I’d get sick. I started looking at all the take-away and delivery flyers smushed through our letterbox and panicked — there was no way I could make a choice with all this food! So I ate GF toast instead. Ha!

    But at least you’ve found this new flour – opens some interesting new (old) doors for you!

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